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The G1 earned its place as the centerpiece to the collection as the original and first sleeping beauty to have been revived.

The original we totally fell in love with was part of a suite of luggage that would accompany a family on the European tour of the season. It’s find commenced a journey to visit retired English artisans to find out what it was used for, why a button in lining, a rigid base and soft body? And finally understood that it was a pre WWI laundry bag that was an essential part of the luggage.

We set about to renovate the design in the softest off dyed calf skin maintaining the original double decked handle bases, a long lost craft deemed too labour intensive. We kept the beautiful 8mm wide brass zip but we added a pewter finish to match the Gladstone hardware. The hand stitching across the top and base enhances the level of   hand detail.

Lined in a cleanable Alcantara, it is fitted with three multi-functional pockets on one side and a push back pocket for clean clothing, paperwork and laptop. The design is fully lockable with a removable shoulder strap.

The G1 City Bag is a well-crafted practical bag that maintains a classic and elegant appearance to suit a number of occasions.

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These LIMITED EDITION G21 bags have been designed and graffitied by the London based “Glimmer Twins” famed for their urban underground art. Only one of each will be produced. Bespoke designs can be commissioned by appointment and delivered within 14 days. Mood boards and designs are supplied in advance and bag design and colour is also flexible.

This tote is a handheld bag featuring two straps and Sam Brown studs to expand when necessary and fitted on the flap with our iconic diamond cut bolt lock. Handcrafted in the softest dyed through calf skin and lined in cleanable Alcantara, it is fitted with one multi-functional zipper pocket and a flap for extra security in the city. Versatile with vintage style, it is perfect for business or as a carry on piece of hand luggage. Each has a removable adjustable shoulder strap.

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