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The design of the G48 Travel Bag is by far the most complex of the collection. The G48 is the perfect travel companion, standout in style and function. Handcrafted in our Italian factory using the softest calf leather, lined in a cleanable Alcantara. The external pocket is locked with our diamond cut bolt in brass and plated Pewter and handmade in Florence by a jeweller. Fitted with four multi-functional pockets on one side and a clip back pocket for a laptop.

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On our journey through antique markets and vintage books, we held onto a vision: a vision for a 48 Hours Bag – Phantom Grey that was not as boxy as the traditional English Portmanteau with a top opening. After many years of searching, we found the perfect icon in a house clearance on sale – it was the rare and subtle shape we were looking for.

When it arrived, the bag was stunning but about to collapse, simply because it had been kept for decades in a damp attic. Its lining was jersey and the shape, patina and clever construction was unequalled, with shoe pockets inside. We can only assume it was once a sports bag in the early days of tennis.Share to facebookBuy more

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Phantom Grey