Like the hands of an artist, the hands of our master cutter at Gladstone London is the most skilled; his knife moves perpendicular when cutting his curve around each carefully placed pattern of one of our Icons. Create your own piece of art with a motif, monogram or street-art limited edition.




Our Gladstonian for the Art Edition is British tailor, Edward Sexton. Not only is his approach to bespoke clothing underpinned by a genuine love for the tailor’s art, but also the Sexton Look combines nostalgia and romance with sex appeal, avant-garde, style and verve.




The London art scene goes into overdrive this week as fans descend for two of the world’s most exciting art fairs: Frieze London & Frieze Masters in Regents Park, PAD London Art + Design on Berkeley Square and Multiplied – a show dedicated to artists’ editions at Christies.




If you are travelling to Miami Art Basel in December, check in to The Miami Edition by boutique and purveyor of cool hotelier, Ian Schrager. The rooms feature digital works, curated by Sedition Art, projected onto the TV screens as in-room art installations. Visit Elegant Resorts to find out more.




Trunk LABS is a select shop from Trunk Clothiers, stocking a lovingly hand-picked range of shoes, accessories, bags, grooming products, stationery and home wares from around the globe. Both located on Marylebone’s Chiltern Street, the two shops are hosting an exhibition of works by Danish artist Peter Hedegaard until 15 November.




One form of tourism we believe will soon be blowing up could be graffiti excursions and street art sightseeing. Stay ahead of the trend and download Geo Street Art App for iPhone – curated by a global network of experts, you can discover the street art scene in any city.