Having a great carry on can be the difference between a fantastic trip and a bad one. Travelling doesn’t have to be stressful, but we all have at some point found ourselves in the situation where we’re stuck travelling with the wrong kind of luggage. Whether it’s trying to beat the crap out of your wheels or putting your things into a hiking bag for a stay at a luxury hotel, the best travel experience is usually about choosing the right kind of bag.

 Men’s luggage is both a stylistic and practical decision. Luggage is becoming more of a lifestyle and fashion accessory as people require both style, function and comfort. Bags should be drafted to strike the perfect balance between utility and design for a specific type of trip. Here we aim to make your adventure as hassle-free and calm as possible while you maximise style.

Men’s Overnight Bag

You won’t want to pack that many items since you only plan to spend the night. These types of luggage allow you to take only your essentials, and here are the ones that fall into this category.


The Dopp Kit


The Dopp kit, known as a wash bag, in the United Kingdom is ideal for storing toiletries while on a trip, this is necessary for professional travellers. It is about the size and looks like a football and has a zipper that runs through the top length. Nylon and leather are common materials, and most of them feature just a single compartment, but others have small pouches to hold small items on the side. It is ideal for keeping toiletries, toothbrush/pastes, shaving cream, and other small personal items and a feature of our G6 washbag.

Washbag - Black


Men’s Leather Backpack

These are the easiest design to carry around with you and continue to be in vogue. They have enough space to fit your essentials and light enough to move around. There are lots of backpack designs out there, but would you not rather spend a bit extra on a well-organised design that will last longer, be comfortable to take into the boardroom as well as the gym and be more stylish? Opt for our men’s leather backpack; they do look exceptional especially when you pair them with the right outfit.



Messenger Bag

These bags are a modern hybrid of the backpack and suitcase, though messenger bags tend to have less space, they are easier to carry and move around with the more fashion conscious male wearing the smallest of designs as they reflect their organization in carrying only the essentials. Messenger bags are the perfect back to cross body and jump the bike to work.

Messenger - Loden


Perfect Weekend Bags for Men


Have you decided to take a break from your daily routine and take a weekend trip, or maybe you’re going on a short business trip, and now you’re not sure what luggage to carry? Though we have all been in this position, it’s not mission impossible. These versatile bags are big enough to take all the items you may need for the weekend but flip to the city bag you need during the day.

Men’s Laptop Bag

Since you will be going away for more than a night, you will probably need to use your laptop. They are great investments as they have padding that will protect your computer during your trip and the zipped compartment makes it easier to access. Vintage leather bags are also perfect to carry laptops as they usually have an inside sleeve that can keep your computer safe. If you want that classic look, then choose the vegetable tanned vintage tan leather G3 or G4.

G4 FOlio

Men’s Leather Tote Bag


You can use your tote bag to pack for the weekends. A leather tote bag looks great and is one of the fashion favourites of the New York City slicker; this is the perfect bag if you want something that can go with most of your outfits.



Men’s Leather Briefcase

No matter what your career is, you probably carry a bag with you to work every day. That said, not every bag is right for the role you have. While backpacks might seem more fitting for students, a nice briefcase can definitely give you the look of a mature working professional. 

Whether stepping into the courtroom, boardroom, or office the right briefcase will not only help you look prepared but actually be prepared.



Briefcases are also very versatile. They can be worn over the shoulder, and if your suit is too nice to get wrinkled by wearing a bag, it can be easily carried by hand. Make sure you’re dressed for the job and elevate your professional style with our Leather briefcase.


Duffle Bags

Duffle bags come handy when you are going away from home either for a business trip or leisure for more than two days. They are functional and yet easy to carry thanks to the double handles and strap. They usually have one large internal compartment that can hold the maximum amount of loads without acquiring excess weight. However, the drawback is they have soft sides that provide little protection, so a thief can make use of the opportunity to cut your bag to steal your belongings.

 Duffle Bag - Shark Grey



Best Men’s Luggage Bags for Vacation


Are you planning a vacation and thinking of the best luggage bag that can hold all the items you will need during the whole holiday? You can use any one of these bags to pack your belonging; they have a large compartment that can store your essentials and more.


The Cabin Carry-On


Whether it is a weekend away, a short business trip, or a plane-hopping adventure, a trustworthy piece of carry-on luggage means you can bring all your essentials, and maybe more, while avoiding the extra hassle and cost of checking in a large suitcase.

Before investing in a new case, it’s worth considering what your key requirements are. The cabin carry-on is designed for the primary purpose of airline size restrictions, so you won’t have to worry about paying extra for your belongings. They feature different compartments and front pockets where you can keep your essential documents and quickly reach for them.

Cabin Trolley - Shark Grey (Copy)


Upright Suitcase

The upright suitcase is any rectangular, big suitcase that can stand without support. The cases are one of the perfect vacation bags; some have wheels while others only have a carrying handle fixed at the top. They have varying sizes some looks like an oversized briefcase, while the others are more smart looking. They are ideal for packing for many people; minimise the number of checked bags and perfect for long trips.

Wheeled Suitcases

These cases make up about two third of all travel bag sales today. If you plan to pack too much you’ll have to roll your luggage; your first decision will have to be whether you should get a two or four-wheeled suitcase. Two wheels suitcases move forward; they don’t go back or sideways, they roll behind you as you pull from the extending handle. They are perfect for walking on cobblestones or sidewalks.

The four-wheel luggage, however, can go 360 degrees just like a shopping cart. You can pull, push, and wheel them by your side to any direction. When it comes to navigation, they are better than two-wheel luggage, and they usually occupy more items. However, they can snap off without warning.

Cabin Trolley - Shark Grey

Know Your Luggage Options

Different types of luggage are suitable for different kinds of trips. So, stop thinking that any bag will do because you only need something to transport your things. A family vacation luggage is going to be all about the volume and will probably need rolling wheels to match the weight, while a business travel luggage should ideally be easy to sling over one shoulder, slim, and big enough to lay a suit coat without folding. Even if the trip requires the same number of days, different situations call for different travel luggage.


Know What to Pack

Knowing what to pack is the first point and probably where you struggle. We have all been in this type of situation where we plan two to three different varieties of outfits for each day on the trip and end up with way more than what we can pack. What makes it worse is that after getting to your destination, you won’t even wear half of what you pack. You’ll probably go with an outfit for the whole day.

If you want to avoid over packing as well as paying fees for extra luggage, start with the items you think you’ll most likely use. You should have it in mind that you will need that extra free space in your luggage to bring back your now items if you plan to go shopping on your trip.